Our Mission

Our family is the most important thing that we have here on this earth; it is what we must fight hardest to defend and to protect. If outside forces, including social pressures, faith issues, finances, or whatever, come in conflict with keeping our family together, we need to base our values and our actions upon what will keep the family whole.

You may be angry, you may be hurt, you may be afraid when your child, or your parent, or your spouse says, "I'm gay." Your loved one has likely already felt all of those and more. Though it may not feel like it to you, nothing has actually changed. You are the same parent you were before your child came out, or the same child, or the same spouse, and your gay family member's only change is the freedom from carrying the secret of her or his orientation or gender identity. Tomorrow there will still be homework, soccer practice, final exams, school, work, choir rehearsal, and everything else that goes on in our busy world.

Cherish this person that you have loved for so long, and take this as a new opportunity for honesty and openness. This is the best time to be closer to her or him than you ever have been before. Don't pass up the chance. Families are forever.The End